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Tystnad (2022)

Not until she arrives at an audition for a short film does Anna learn that the scene she'll perform is an assault scene. During the process Anna's discomfort becomes more and more pressing, and lines between fiction and reality begin to blur.

The problem originates from an "anything for the art" mentality that can be very destructive. Tystnad brings to light the culture that puts performers in this type of situation.

Tystnad poster 1 2000x3000px.jpg

Johanna Smitz / Charlie Gustafsson / Nicklas Hansson / Nora Malm
/ Emelie Dahlskog / Andreas Torstensson / Alexander Tomá

screenplay & director
story & director
stunt coordinator
stunt actor
first assistant director
best boy
1st assistant camera

sound recordist
make-up & costume
sound design
produced by

Andreas Mortensen
Johanna Smitz
Johan Valentin Falklind
Johan Lindqvist
Nicklas Hansson
Amelia Finngåård
Mikael Linell
Johannes Strömer
Ellen Järborg
Akira Andersson
David Kuuse
Sofie Eliasson
Andreas Mortensen
Albin Abrahamsson
Lars Wignell / Auditory
Albin Abrahamsson
Duga FIlm &
Johanna Smitz


soon available for streaming

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